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Meet Our Coaches

Jamie Ann Arthur - 

Michael Laverty - 

I have been involved in coaching in at least a minor role since 2016. I love helping athletes progress their skills so I have always helped where I can. The more I have wanted to help athletes, the further I have taken my coaching credentialing. I love being creative with stunt sequences, so where possible, when I have been in a stunt group, I have utilised the opportunity to choreograph and teach the routine. 

I have been involved in cheer since 2008, having taken part in recreational cheer, uni cheer, allstar cheer and the National team since. I was an athlete on the 2015 Team Scotland Cheer team and I am currently helping coach the Stirling University team.

My passion has always been with cheer, so the only discipline I feel I could be useful in would be cheer. I want to meet loads of new athletes and help them be the best they can be, and to create a great routine to showcase how much cheer is improving and increasing in popularity within Scotland.

I’ve been at CDC for 18 years and started assistant coaching 10 years ago. I taught my first official team on my own 6 years ago, competed in the first ever Team Scotland junior cheer team back in 2008 and have then since competed at ICU five times. I have been a part of CDC Senior Pom team for ten years now and I have now been captain of the team since 2018. I was also given the honour of being nominated Senior Pom captain for Team Scotland's 2019 team.


I chose to apply for Senior Pom coach as Pom is my favourite style to perform and teach, I love everything about it and feel you can be super creative, showcasing so many elements within the routine.

What I hope to get from the 2022 team is just for everyone to really take everything from the experience & enjoy every moment, it really is the experience of a lifetime and there really is no better feeling than knowing you gave it absolutely everything on that stage. My favourite memories are from my ICU experiences and I cannot wait to watch the team make their own!

Morgan McWilliam - 

I’m Morgan and I’ve grown up in the cheer world (literally!) My mum is head coach and owner of an All-Star team: Aberdeen Cheer & Dance Company and so cheerleading has been my whole life since day one. 

I first competed back in 2006 at Scotcheer as a tiny pom athlete for my team and never looked back. Since then, I have competed in cheer, hiphop, lyrical, pom and jazz all over Scotland and the UK. As well as still competing, I now have the privilege of coaching at my team too. 

I can’t wait to see all my teams back on stage and show everyone how hard we’ve all been working, even in lockdown. Ever since watching our senior jazz team who represented Scotland at USASF back in 2007, I have always wanted to dance at Worlds. That opportunity came around for myself in 2019 where I tried out for Team Scotland Senior Hiphop. Unfortunately COVID struck and we were unable to compete at ICU 2020, so here I am back again and ready to compete in Florida this coming April.


For me, I just want to have the best year with Team Scotland this year! After the tough year we’ve had it’s going to be extra special to watch everyone compete this year. I’m so excited to see what the other countries produce and can’t wait for the world to see what Scotland has to offer.

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