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Team Scotland
Tryout Registration
2024 - 2025
Tryout Registration
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What discipline are you trying out for?

Adaptive Abilities and Special Abilities

All Special Abilities/Adaptive Abilities Teams must be comprised of a minimum 25% or more Special/Adaptive Abilities Athletes per team.  Adaptive Abilities Athlete qualification is subject to respective ICU general rules and guidelines as detailed here

If yes, please complete the following questions as required. If no, please skip to Emergency Contact Details. 

Would you like to be considered for an Adaptive Abilities or Special Abilities team?
Are you applying to be a Special Abilities Athlete, Adaptive Athlete or Unified Partner?
If you are applying to be an Adaptive Athlete, please provide infomration regarding your impairment/disability. Please tick all that apply. Further information on definitions can be found using the link above. Please note you must be able to provide proof of diagnosis.

If you selected "Other", please provide details

Planned Absences

For our 20245-25 season we are looking to run pre-season training throughout the summer with discipline specific training starting in August. Training will take place over the weekends therefore please provides dates on planned absence (holidays, competitions etc.).

Emergency Contact Details

Proceed with payment

Thanks for registering! We will be in touch with next steps after applications close. Please note teams will only be formed if enough viable athletes apply.

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