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1st AUGUST 2022 - 31st JULY 2023

Open to any programme, club or team participating in the sport of cheerleading and/or performance cheerleading (dance) in Scotland.


To provide the safest environment for Scottish athletes, all coaches within member clubs must be registered with SportCheer Scotland. Coaches will receive access to a benefits package including insurance and special discounts to cheerleading suppliers. 


Club Membership includes four complementary coach registrations. Additional coaches can be registered at a cost of £5 per coach.


The programme representative or head coach is responsible for providing a roster of all participating athletes within the club. Each athlete will receive a personalised virtual ID card alongside insurance coverage and access to exclusive members' offers. 

You can submit your athlete details in two ways: 

1. Complete a blank roster form and collect payment from athletes/parents. SportCheer Scotland will invoice the programme representative for the total cost of the athlete registration (£4 per athlete).

2. Direct athletes/parents to complete the athlete registration form on the website. Payment is provided directly to SportCheer Scotland (£3 per athlete plus £0.25 processing fee).

Select Preferred Method for Submitting Athlete Details

*Please note that for programmes registered for the 2021-22 season a roster of all current athletes will be provided. 


For statistical purposes only.

Please tell us about the teams your programme expects to offer this year, including age divisions, level, dance discipline and any prep, novice or recreational teams (e.g. Mini Prep Level 1, Junior Level 2, Senior Co-Ed Level 4 and Mini Pom Dance).

Welcome to SportCheer Scotland- we have received your application and will be in touch shortly.

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