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SportCheer Scotland endeavours to support cheerleading clubs/programmes to create a safe environment for their athletes. Through training and guidance for the cheerleading community, all athletes should be able to enjoy our sport, free from harassment or abuse.

Reporting Concerns

Cheerleading should be a safe sport for all athletes and that starts by reporting anything that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.  If you have a concern about an athlete's welfare, you should contact your club/programme's Safeguarding/Welfare Officer.  They will then take the correct steps to report it. We recommend completing our Incident/Concern Form to assist with capturing all relevant information. A copy of this should also be sent to 

PDF version of Incident/Concern Form.

Policies and Procedures

Our Documents and Guidance section of our website contains all our policies and procedures including Coach Code of Conduct, Safeguarding and Complaints.

PVG Scheme

SportCheer Scotland is a registered organisation with Disclosure Scotland ensuring all of our staff, volunteers and coaches are subject to background checks. We are also working towards becoming an intermediary body. This will allow us to support the Scottish cheerleading community by assisting with PVG Scheme record creation and updates.  it is however every clubs responsibility to ensure that their staff/volunteers undertaking regulated work are not barred from working with children/protected adults. You can find out more about regulated work here.


We understand that knowing your role and responsibilities around keeping athletes safe can be difficult so SportCheer Scotland are currently developing a calendar of training for our clubs and coaches. There are also training providers that offer Safeguarding and Child Protection courses such as NSPCC and sportscotland

Let's Work Together

Are you interested in helping us build a safe environment for our athletes? We are always looking for new volunteers to join our Ethics and Entourage committee. For more information, click here.

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