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Documents and Guidance

Your SportCheer Scotland Resource Centre

SportCheer UK Age Grid

ICU Certificate


Athlete Transfer Policy

Anti-Doping Policy

Athlete Safeguarding Policy

Minimum Operating Requirements


Equality Diversity Inclusion Policy

Conflict of Interest

Adaptive Abilities, Special Abilities & Special Olympics Division Definitions

Adaptive Abilities Eligible Impairment Types Guidelines

Privacy Statement for members

Team Scotland Athlete Code of Conduct

Team Scotland Coach Code of Conduct

Team Scotland Entourage Code of Conduct

Are you interested in joining our Ethics & Entourage Committee and helping us to build out our policies?

Code of Conduct

Links to ICU Guidance

ICU Coaches Code of Conduct

ICU Code of Ethics

ICU Guidelines Conduct of the Athlete Entourage

ICU Guidelines for Sanctioning the Athlete’s Entourage

ICU Cheerleading Glossary

ICU Performance Cheer Glossary

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