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Team Scotland

Our National Team

Team Scotland Cheer and Performance Cheer is a unified National Team made up of athletes from all over Scotland that wish to represent their country on an international stage at both ICU World and European Championships. 

The 2022-23 season has brought our biggest team yet with Scotland represented in 12 divisions at the ICU World Championships with a mixture of unified teams and bids for allstar teams.  


Unified Adaptive Abilities Unified Freestyle Pom - 1st

Unified Youth Team Hip Hop - 4th

Allstar Bid (Champion Dance & Cheer) Junior Team Freestyle Pom - 4th

Allstar Bid (Firebird) Senior Team Jazz - 4th

Unified Youth Team Freestyle Pom - 5th

Allstar bid (Phoenix Flames Cheerleaders) Junior Team Hip Hop - 9th

Unified Senior All Girl Elite Cheer - 9th

Unified Senior Team Freestyle Pom - 9th

Unified Youth All Girl Median Cheer - 10th

Allstar bid (Firebird) Senior Doubles Hip Hop - 11th

Allstar bid (Rockstar) Senior Doubles Freestyle Pom - 13th


A special thank you to everyone that made this possible including Allstar coaches, family and friends as well as our our volunteers that work tirelessly behind closed doors to make this happen.

We are currently looking for athletes, coaches and allstar clubs to register for our 2023-24 season. Click below for more information

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